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Best Savings Account South Africa

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Types of Savings Account

Savings Account South AfricaHousehold savings still stands as the national main concern in South Africa. It is good to adopt the act of saving not for any reason, but mainly for plans and emergency expenditure. A savings account is one of the easiest and common accounts in South Africa. The question here is, which saving account has the best deal to offer?

Here is the analysis of the top five banks in South Africa namely First National Bank, Absa Bank, Capitec Bank, Standard Bank, and Nedbank:

which bank offers the best interest rate for savings in south africa?

Opening savings account

Based on the reports we got, Capitec Global one Account has the highest interest rate 9.25% followed by FNB with the range of 6.30%, other banks follow such as ABSA with 3.70%, the standard bank has 2.85% and Nedbank came last with 0.76%.

With this analysis, Capitec Global One account stands the chance of getting the highest potentials. In the area opening an account with a cash deposit, Capitec Bank also came out as best with the minimum deposit of R25 followed by Nedbank, Standard Bank and Absa Bank with R50 and FNB came last with the highest minimum deposit of R100. By opening saving account we can now conclude that Capitec Bank is the best.

Fixed Savings account

By comparing the fixed savings account capital Bank came first from the analysis we compiled, offering the interest rate of earning capacity with 9.25%. Followed closely by ABSA and Standard bank with 9%, then FNB came fourth with 8.70%, the last is Nedbank with the rate of 8.16%. the result we got from the analysis of fixed deposit shows that Absa, Nedbank and Standard Bank have the lowest minimum deposit of R1000 while Capitec and FNB offer the highest minimum fix deposit of R10000.

Based on this analysis we believe they all depend on your choice. Your aim of selecting the best bank depends on the criteria you adopt. These banks might have a good rate but might offer long terms while some might have a low rate but offer short term like Capitec with the highest rate but offering 60 months. Based on this analysis we have seen, we still believe Capitec Bank has the edge of being the bank with the best savings account in South Africa. You can also compare all other banks if you want to be convinced with our analysis. As we note earlier saving account is the most popular account owned by people in South Africa.

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